Travelling with Wagenborg Passagiersdiensten is possible again from 1 June according to the normal timetable. However, there are two restrictions imposed by the Cabinet: fewer passengers are allowed on board (40% of the maximum capacity) and wearing a mouth cap is compulsory for travellers aged 13 and over.

Within these rules, Wagenborg Passenger Services wants to make as many visits to the islands as possible and prevent passengers from being unable to travel. For this reason, online reservation is mandatory for everyone from Tuesday, 16 June. This applies to both outward and return journeys. Well, everyone now knows where he or she stands.

Situation until 15 June 2020

Until the new reservation system is ready for use, tickets can only be purchased on the spot at the terminal before departure. Be on time. We recommend that everyone be present at least 30 minutes before the scheduled ferry departure time. The ticket counters will then open. Should you no longer be able to join us on the desired departure, you can join us on the next departure.

What will change from 16 June 2020?

Tickets are no longer for sale at the terminals, reservations can only be made online.
Reservations can be made on 16 June 2020 directly from the first departure from Ameland and Lauwersoog.
Previously purchased passenger tickets will no longer work at the entrance gates in the terminal. From 16 June 2020, these tickets can be converted into a reservation for a return journey. To do so, please contact our Customer Service Department.
On both outward and return journeys, access control will take place.

In the coming weeks we will be working with all our might on adjusting our reservation system. Online booking will not immediately function optimally for all target groups. In the current situation we are doing everything we can to keep the islands accessible and count on everyone’s understanding. Keep an eye on our website for up-to-date information.

How can I make a reservation with the ‘credit balance’ of a previously cancelled reservation?

Many cancelled reservations have been converted into credit in the past period. Travellers can only use this credit to make a new reservation by telephone or e-mail. Please indicate the reservation number of the original reservation. You cannot use this credit for a new online reservation afterwards.

At what times should I travel on the ferry?

Especially during holiday periods, weekends and when the weather is fine, the morning departures to the islands and the late afternoon and evening departures from the islands are the busiest and the first full. With these departures you run the risk of having to wait a little longer. Keep this in mind and travel at other times where possible to avoid the hustle and bustle and to increase the chance that you can join us! (source:

Measures & advice:

  • From 1 June 2020, our employees and passengers will be obliged to wear a mouth cap in and around the terminals and on board our ships. This obligation applies to all passengers aged 13 and over, but not to those who remain in the car;
    Our ships are equipped with separating foils between the seats/tables;
  • The service desks in the terminals are open from one hour before until half an hour after departure of the ferry;
  • Until June 1st, the counters are closed between morning and afternoon sailings;
  • The Wagenborg Plaza Shop in the Holwerd terminal is closed from Saturday 21 March;
  • For all our employees and travellers: follow the measures and hygiene instructions of the RIVM and stay at home in case of complaints;
  • Extra cleaning work will take place at our locations and on board our ships;
  • We prefer not to accept cash anymore. Preferably pay without contact;
  • Our employees do not accept tickets to help passengers check in;
  • The self-service buffets on board our ferries are closed;
  • In order to maintain a social distance of 1.5 metres from other people, we limit the maximum number of passengers on our ships to one third of the normal capacity. This restriction does not apply to vehicle reservations. We recommend that passengers be present at least half an hour before departure;
  • To limit social contact, we ask passengers to remain in the car during the crossing if possible;
  • Passengers are requested to spread out over the seats on board and in the waiting area;
  • At our locations and on our ships, we disseminate the public information made available by the national government, which provides information on how to prevent dissemination;
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