The cottage


Always and more than welcome in the coziest holiday home on the Wadden Sea.

Richard & Eva

A short story about the owners of a holiday home on the Wadden Sea.

What is Smoek

About the creation of the coziest holiday home on the Wadden Sea.


Holiday home Smoek is a fully furnished house with all modern conveniences, and with love and care renovated and furnished.


We are very pleased to welcome you on the website of our Holiday Home Smoek, located on what we find the most beautiful part of the Netherlands – the Wadden area. From 2016 we have this cottage of an old and dilapidated cottage with lots of love, attention and fun converted to what it is today.

On this website you will find a list of everything that Holiday Home Smoek can offer you, what we expect from you and an impression of Holwerd and its surroundings. We hope to welcome you soon in. (top of page)

Ons holiday home

Eva & Richard

We are Richard and Eva and Rintjema, both raised in Holwerd. We have a daughter and a son of teenage age.

Since our teenage years we have both been very active in the club life of our village, where the decline from the late 90’s to the late 10’s was close to our hearts.

We now try to use our time and energy to ensure that our generation leaves a beautiful and promising village and surroundings for our children and future generations.

Through our holiday home Smoek, among other things, we think we can make a positive contribution to this and play a role as ambassadors for Holwerd and the Wadden area. (top of page)

The creation of Smoek

How it all started….

In recent years we noticed that the number of tourists who once did not drive past Holwerd directly to the ferry service to Ameland, but actually visited our village, kept increasing.


In addition, the development of Holwerd at Sea has given our village, the inhabitants and the entire region an enormous boost of confidence and hope.

Slowly but surely the idea of putting our ideas about tourism into practice started to take shape in the form of a holiday home.

In mid-2015, a small, dilapidated house appeared for sale on the outskirts of the village with a view of the sea dike. Holwerd at Sea was only a nice plan on paper, but what this plan already had a potential ……. and what would this house fit in nicely.

We took the bold step and contacted the real estate agent and in early 2016 our dream was a fact……… We were the proud owners of our own holiday home! We could start designing, drawing, deleting, re-drawing, dreaming and DOING!

After the purchase we could start with first the demolition and then the renovation to what it has become now. It contains many hundreds of hours of own work, in addition to professional help from various companies in the village, but we were able to realize what we had in mind from the start – and what you will hopefully enjoy. (top of page)


What does ‘Smoek’ mean?

Smoek is a corruption of a typical frieze word – smûk – which means: small, cosy, cosy, warm and familiar. We chose this word because we were the first to say it to each other after we bought it in January 2016.

We chose the adapted spelling because Frisians are always a bit unruly, and because the ‘û’ cannot be implemented in domain names and e-mail addresses.

Smoek about 1930

Smoek about 2010

Smoek in 2018

What tells our logo?

Initially, and at first glance, the logo represents a sheep, the animal that often runs on our protection against the sea – the seawall. These sheep ensure that the grass on the slopes of the sea dike is constantly short.

The outer edge of the logo also indicates the shape of a shell, a trusted inhabitant of the Wadden Sea. We also want to give you – our guests – a familiar and warm feeling during your stay in our holiday home.

The space between the legs of the sheep is also an open door, with which we want to indicate that you are welcome in our holiday home and in the beautiful Wadden area.



Holiday home Smoek is a fully furnished house with all modern conveniences, and with love and care renovated and furnished. The thought while making plans, sketches and drawings has always been to ensure that the interior and exterior of the house would fit into the environment.

We also want to create a feeling that one feels right at home in our house, that it feels like a nice sweater or jacket. Most furniture we have found through various contacts, and are used furniture that we have refurbished. In our opinion, this exudes an atmosphere of warmth and trust.

The house is suitable for 4 persons, on 2 double beds. There is one double bed in the rear bedroom and one double bed on the first floor.

The unique staircase to the floor is made by Ensel staalkonstrukties from Dokkum, and has the special feature that the name of our house in each step. This gives a very special light effect when the light on the floor is on and thus projects the cut-outs in the steps on the floor.

The house has all the facilities to make your stay unforgettable and of a high quality. Besides cable television, there is of course Wifi available.

The parking lot next to the house is exclusively for guests of our cottage, a possible second car can be parked in front of the house on the service road – make sure there is enough space for passing cyclists and pedestrians – or in the large parking lot behind the building next to our cottage (clubhouse Duivenvereniging Holwerd).

In the kitchen you can use the dishwasher, for which some tablets are present. In the pantry there is a washing machine and a tumble dryer, which you can also use free of charge. (top of page)