Holiday home Smoek is also experiencing the consequences of the Corana virus.

This should be the period in which we enthusiastically promote the area and receive guests and offer a nice time here with us in Friesland……………………………………………………………………..

There were already a few bookings, but due to the situation in which we are all now, we obviously have to deal with cancellations and in some cases we have taken the initiative ourselves to approach the guests with the notice that they can cancel at our place without any costs.

For us the health of ourselves and our fellow man is the most important thing and what is in the barrel does not sour! Financially this will not be our best year, but what a wealth of beautiful messages and words for each other in this exciting time.

We got a reaction from guests who would come April 6th and had already paid, but now have postponed the booking to next year while they were allowed to cancel. The reaction by email touched us and you should know that.

We are of the opinion that everyone’s wellbeing should come first and therefore we have blocked our holiday home until at least April 20th. From then on we’ll see how it goes, we assume that the situation will be very different then, let’s hope so.

All be sensible and follow the guidelines indicated by the RIVM.

For the rest we wish you all a lot of wisdom, health and empathy towards each other.

In short, take care of yourself and your loved ones!

Richard and Eva Rintjema