Jan Ketelaar’s second statue of Waiting for High Water will be placed on the Waddendijk near Holwerd on 16 September.

There will also be an official unveiling on the Monday of the installation, says Wendy Gooren of Sense of Place (a series of art projects along the Wadden area, of which Waiting for High Water is one). “We are still thinking about how we are going to do that, of course we also had a revelation last year when the first sculpture was placed.

Waiting for High Water consists of two steel statues of women, one thick and one thin, standing together on the dike, not far from the Holwerder Pier. The fat lady, about 5 metres high, has been standing there since December last year.

“This woman is next to it”, says maker Jan Ketelaar from Drachten. “She also comes face to face with the sea. And the women are standing in such a way that you can take both of them by the hand. At least if you are tall enough.” This already happens a lot with the image that is there: many people put a picture of themselves, hand in hand with the lady, on social media.

In his studio, Ketelaar is now putting the finishing touches to the second image. “I have to be careful that I don’t keep working on it for too long.”

Incidentally, the images do not have names, says the maker. “I don’t want to make it moralistic, but one stands for the people who eat too much and the other for the millions who don’t have enough to eat. I hope they become friends.” (source: www.lc.nl)